Mechanical Services

mechanical-pic-01At Bespoke Auto Developments, we have the all the equipment and facilities on-site required to carry out any aspect of a mechanical, bodywork or interior job. This can be done as either a complete turnkey job or just as part of other jobs.

This saves the end customers time, giving them flexibility over work to be done, as well as saving them money, due to the fact that all parts of any rebuild are in-house, so the car doesn’t need to go anywhere else.

We have our own in-house engineering facilities and CAD design team, so that any unobtainable parts that need to be manufactured can also be accommodated. This also allows us to manufacture components on a one-off basis for mechanical upgrades such as suspension system modification, in addition to performance related items, including supercharging, fuel injection systems, performance brake upgrades and cooling systems.

We also have the complete capability to recondition engines with our own in-house machining services, from simple service/diagnostics to performance upgrades, electrical diagnostics and upgrades. The mechanical team has a great deal of experience, from the rallying world to classic and modern car maintenance, all the way through to engine management diagnostics and the design of specialist upgrades; so your car will be in safe and knowledgeable hands.

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